FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1) I did not recive my order ?

 Answer: Delivry takes upto 1 month.  In peak post office times such as holidays it can take upto 2 months.

2) Two months have passed I did not receve my order. What should I do?

  Answer: If you did not recive you order within 2 months we will make every effort to trace it and if nessery we will replace it.

3) The items I  recived dose not look like the picture on the web site?

   Answer: There may be slight veriations in the apperence of the items such as difference in color, patterns etc.This is due to veriations of avalible stock in the market which is not under our control. We take great effort to try and maintain qulity of our products. We apoligies for this.


4) The product you sent me is not what I expected?

      Answer: We filled the order according to your request . We are sorry to hear about your complain but we are unable to help you.